1. BulletOriginally developed in 1998 for the Palm device, this award winning app has become a time-tested industry standard.  The developer is a working Camera Assistant who understands that calculations must be done quickly, simply, and on the run.

  2. Bullet62nd Primetime Emmy Awards, 2010. Won an Engineering Plaque for Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

  3. Bullet2013 Technical Achievement Award from Society of Camera Operators. “For outstanding contributions to cinematography through the design and development of the pCAM Film+Digital Calculator.”

  4. BulletWorks on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

  5. Bullet24 bundled apps include the following:

  6. BulletDepth of Field, Hyperfocal Distance & Image Circle

  7. BulletSplits-Aperture Finder

  8. BulletField of View (Image size) with Preview Illustrations & Angle of View

  9. BulletFocal Length Matching

  10. BulletRelative Size (compares digital sensors or film apertures)

  11. BulletTriangulate

  12. BulletExposure (compensating changes in Shutter Angle, FPS Speed, Filters, Film Speeds, Exposure Time & Light foot-candles or lux)

  13. BulletRunning Time to Length

  14. BulletShooting to Screen Time

  15. BulletHMI Flicker-free

  16. BulletColor Correction (filters and mireds)

  17. BulletDiopter

  18. BulletMacro

  19. BulletTime Lapse

  20. BulletUnderwater Distance (flat ports)

  21. BulletScene Illumination

  22. BulletLight Coverage

  23. BulletMired Shift (with Suggested Color Correction gels)

  24. BulletLight (eye-light, catch-light, miniature softbox, or for tabletop photography.

  25. BulletLight Effects (Animated light effects such as fire, strobe, lightning, police lights, blinking neon, flashbulbs, etc.)

  26. BulletConversion Calculator  (Length, Distance, Kelvin/Mired/Decamired, Footcandles/Lux)

  27. BulletSiemens focus Star

  28. BulletInsert Slate

  29. BulletReference (Technical charts, lists and tables: Cine Film Stocks, Cine Lens Manufacturers, Miniature Shooting, Safe Panning Speeds, Zone System).

  30. BulletIncludes all common professional Still Camera, Film & HD Camera Formats

  31. BulletUser-definable custom Camera Formats, CoC & Filters

pCAM Film+Digital Calculator

pCAM Features:

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